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NBC News reporter is hit by a flash-bang grenade while reporting live on Seattle protest


An NBC News reporter was apparently hit by a flash-bang grenade while covering protests in Seattle on Monday night.

Jo Ling Kent was live on MSNBC in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood when she was caught in what appeared to be fireworks.

I don’t know if you can hear me, but we have police now advancing on protesters, Kent said, before her left hand was then struck.

The news network reported that the crew initially thought the reporter was hit by a firework, but after reviewing footage of the incident from multiple angles, the team concluded it was a flash-bang grenade.

Kent, her news crew, and protesters, who appear to be on a turfgrass sports field, quickly run away from the scene, as Kent appears to say: Oh my gosh – we’re moving, we’re moving.

The group, all of whom are wearing gas masks, are seen figuring out where to go on the field to find safety.

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams tells viewers: We have a security team with all of our correspondents.

Kent, who tries to continue her report, says her crew is backing up as fireworks are being deployed by Seattle police.

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We’re retreating out of what is a baseball, the reporter says, before being cut off by a woman who screams and runs in a different direction.

Let’s go, let’s go, Kent then tells her team, and the shot posted by MSNBC on Twitter cuts off as protesters begin to run, and Kent shouts: We need to move!

Kent tweeted after her live shot: Hey everyone. Thankfully, our whole team is ok and safe. I’m totally fine – my jacket sleeve got singed and that’s it.

So sorry for the curse words.. and thank you for the sweet texts, calls, and tweets.

Seattle Police declared the protest the news team was at a riot after people in the crowd began to throwing rocks, bottles, and fireworks at cops.

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