George Floyd cop who ‘tried to have Derek Chauvin turn him over’ asks for charges to be dropped

George Floyd cop who ‘tried to have Derek Chauvin turn him over’ asks for charges to be dropped

The George Floyd cop who tried to have Derek Chauvin turn him over has asked for his charges to be dropped.

Thomas Lane’s attorney, Earl Gray, filed the motion to dismiss the charges on Tuesday, the Star Tribune reported.

The lawyer said that there is not enough evidence to establish probable cause that Lane committed a crime, according to the outlet.

Lane is one of the four Minneapolis officers charged in the death of George Floyd – who died on May 25 after a Minnesota cop kneeled on his neck.

He was charged with aiding and abetting in the murder and last month posted bail and was released from prison.

His lawyer told the Daily Mail that Lane is not in high spirits, but confident of his innocence.

Obviously he is not in the best of spirits but he’s mature enough to know that because he is innocent that everything is going to be okay and he can be confident in that, Gray told the outlet.

He added: Of course he is relieved to be with his wife and out of jail.

And it’s a good thing for his lawyer too, as it means I don’t have to go visit him in jail anymore.

Gray previously insisted bodycam footage will clear Lane of charges in Floyd’s death.

If they saw the full body camera on my client, I believe that they would have a different opinion, particularly if they have any knowledge of what police procedure and how they should proceed on a felony arrest, he said on Cuomo Prime Time.

Gray emphasized that Floyd resisted throughout his arrest, including when officers tried to handcuff him.

In an interview with the Today show, Gray said Lane was doing what he thought was right.

Gray said of Lane: When he’s holding his legs, he says to Derek Chauvin, Well, shall we roll him over because he says he can’t breathe? Chauvin says no.

A criminal complaint against Lane, however, said he took no actions to assist Mr. Floyd, to change his position, or to reduce the force the officers were using against Mr. George Floyd.

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