No live audiences during Ramadan transmissions, warns PEMRA

No live audiences during Ramazan transmissions, warns PEMRA

PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) has banned live audiences to attend Ramadan transmissions in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

There should strictly be no live audience during regular Ramadan transmissions at Sehri and Iftari time as public gatherings for any purpose are deemed hazardous and probable source for spreading the disease not only among the audience but to the crew member/ staff of the channels, they ordered.

Channels have been advised to disinfect and sanitize equipment, while providing safety kits to the staff engaged in the transmission, in any capacity.

The authority has also prohibited the distribution of extravagant gifts on Ramadan transmission.

No display of gifts, cars, bikes as the world is suffering from hunger, scarcity of resources and joblessness and this would give a very negative impact. Instead, concepts of social uplifting during the crisis may be introduced, PEMRA.

Any show indulging in hate speech or not complying with the said instructions will be prohibited immediately.

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