Teacher forced to resign after posting on Facebook that ‘she wished Trump would die from COVID-19’

Teacher forced to resign after posting on Facebook that she wished Trump would die from COVID-19

A Maryland educator who wrote on her Facebook page she wished “President Donald Trump” would DIE from COVID-19 will officially resign Tuesday from her school board position.

Jacqueline Fischer, who was first elected to the Washington County School Board in 2002, wrote: Since he has tested positive for COVID19, maybe the country will get “lucky” and he will die. Wouldn’t that be an act of karma! according to Fox News.

He could care less about how many Americans die from this even if he is the one who exposed them. I hope he dies from it. That would solve a lot of America’s problems, the post continued.

Fischer’s current term on the board began in 2018 and was set to expire in 2022, the Fox report said.

In a press release Sunday, the Washington County Board of Education (WCBOE) announced it would formally accept the “resignation” of Board member Jacqueline Fischer at the Board of Education’s public business meeting on Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

Mrs. Fischer’s resignation comes after posting comments regarding the U.S. President on her personal social media account. The comments do not reflect the views, positions, or opinions of the WCPS or the WCBOE, the release continued.

However, the educator reportedly took back her comments on Friday, telling the Herald-Mail she did not want anyone to die.

Fischer said – “she made the posts out of frustration and she should have instead said she hopes Trump would lose in the election,” the article read.

In a statement on Sunday, chairman of the Washington County Republican Central Committee Jerry DeWolf described Fischer’s comments as absolutely disgusting, according to the Herald-Mail.

On behalf of the entire Republican Party of Washington County and the State of Maryland, as well as the thousands of local residents who have reacted this weekend regarding Ms. Fischer’s public statements: Thank you, Ms. Fischer, for your resignation, he wrote.

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