Two burglars storm Florida home and open fire – only woman to grab her gun and FIGHT BACK

Two burglars storm Florida home and open fire - only for mother to grab her gun and FIGHT BACK

A woman, wearing panties and a t-shirt, was forced to defend her family and her home from two armed intruders who broke in over the weekend.

The incident took place at around 11 pm on Saturday at a home near Northwest 86th Avenue, and 182nd Street in the Miami suburb of Hialeah, Florida.

The husband said he had invited a group of friends over to watch a basketball game on TV.

Suddenly two men, armed with Uzis, burst in and pointed guns at the group, which included a seven-year-old girl.

Surveillance footage that was provided to NBC6 shows the moment the burglars forced their way into the home with guns drawn.

In the video, one of the perpetrators points a firearm at two people cowering on the living room floor as screams of terror echo through the house.

The wife, who was in a bedroom, heard the commotion, grabbed the family’s gun and pointed it at the burglars, who shot four or five times at her.

As seen in the video, the husband then ran to his wife, grabbed the gun from her hands and fired several shots at the suspects as they ran out of the house.

The homeowner, who was not named, said he believes he struck the criminals’ getaway vehicle.

No injuries were reported in connection to the armed home invasion.

DailyMail on Wednesday reached out to the Hialeah Police Department seeking to obtain additional information on the home invasion and was awaiting a response.

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