Utah woman who survived coronavirus says 5-week hospital stay cost $795K

Utah woman who survived coronavirus says 5-week hospital stay cost $795K

A spokesperson with Mountain Star Healthcare says they are in the process of notifying Toscano to inform her that all treatment costs will be covered entirely by insurance and she will not be responsible for any out of the pocket expense.

Isabel Toscano went to St. Mark’s Hospital in March, thinking she was having an asthma attack. She was immediately taken to a secluded area, where she tested positive for the coronavirus and eventually needed to be put on a ventilator.

I thought, where am I? This isn’t the room I was checked into, Toscano remembers saying when she was taken off the ventilator.

She was on the ventilator for more than three weeks.

she said – “I was so close to death”, they told my family to gather everybody.

Toscano, who’s in her mid-50s, says she has no idea where she contracted the coronavirus that almost took her life. She’s grateful to be alive, and just as grateful to have health insurance once she saw the bill.

It was like $795,000, and that just took me by surprise. I’m just thinking, can you imagine the people that don’t have insurance getting a bill like this?

Because she has health insurance, Toscano won’t be responsible for any of that $795,000 and is horrified to think about what her life would be like if she didn’t have insurance.

can’t imagine the stress a lot of worrying, probably even consider bankruptcy, she said.

Once released from the hospital, Toscano says she had to re-learn how to stand and balance and is still on oxygen to help her breathe at times.

This virus has no prejudice against anyone; it can hit little kids; it can hit the elderly, and hits anyone in between, Toscano said.

Toscano works at St. Marks as as a mental health counselor.

She says her bosses are working with her but she’s not sure if she’ll get her job back. She goes to the doctor next week and will find out if and when she can return to work.

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