A woman who called police on abusive boyfriend has prosecuted herself after being found with Taser

A Woman who called police on abusive boyfriend has prosecuted herself after being found with Taser

A woman, 23, who called police on her abusive boyfriend ended up being prosecuted herself after telling the police she had a Taser.

Demi Johnson confessed to cops during a 999 call that she had the Taser which is a prohibited weapon.

During the call, Demi told cops she had been a victim of domestic violence, while her partner claimed she had attacked him with a Taser.

This prompted the call handler to ask further questions about the Taser so they could alert officers en route to her home in Rochdale.

Arriving at the house, cops found the Taser on the floor of the living room.

The Taser, apparently disguised as a torch, was working normally when charged, prosecutor Rob Hall said.

Johnson initially claimed she had bought the Taser online but later told cops in an interview that she had unknowingly purchased it in a car boot sale in a box with other items.

Her DNA was found on the on/off switch on the Taser, Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

Johnson, who is pregnant, pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon and was sentenced to an 18-month community order, Manchester Evening News reports.

Judge Sophie McKone told Johnson that there was no excuse for carrying the Taser.

She said: This was, as you now appreciate, a very dangerous article. It can cause serious harm.

It is designed to incapacitate people, and that’s the reason why it is illegal. There really is no excuse for having it.

Adam Roxborough, speaking in defence of Johnson, said she had been in an abusive relationship and that her boyfriend was not unknown to the courts.

The incident in July 2018 was a blip, he said, adding that she had no intention to commit a crime.

Mr. Roxborough said that Johnson had worked as a carer for dementia sufferers, and hopes to return to her role.

Judge McKone said she had taken into account the fact that Johnson had no previous convictions and had not committed an offense in the two years since the incident.

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