Telecom towers damaged by 5G protestors in the Netherlands

Telecom towers damaged by 5G protestors in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM: Several Dutch cellular broadcasting towers have been damaged by sabotage or arson in the last week by opponents of a rollout of a new 5G network, newspaper De Telegraaf reported on Saturday.

The newspaper said there have been four incidents in the last week and cited the director of an industry group that oversees placement of cellphone towers in the Netherlands, The Monet Foundation.

The De Telegraaf reported: Arsonists had left an anti 5G network slogan painted at the scene of one attack.

Many groups in the Netherlands have been opposed to the advent of 5G for some time, mostly over concerns that radiowaves could damage human health.

In a statement on the website, the Dutch government’s Security and Counter-Terrorism said it had registered various incidents around broadcasting masts in the last week, including sabotage and arson, and that opposition to the 5G network rollout is a possible cause.

Moreover, this is a concerning development. Disruption of broadcasting masts can have consequences for the coverage of the telecom and the reachability of emergency services.