The world’s most popular game available in the Google Play Store

The world's most popular game available in the Google Play Store

One of the most popular games “Fortnite” has finally been released on the Google Play Store. This game can now be installed from the Play Store.

Epic Games introduced the third-party software to Android users on the Google Play Store after 18 months of its release.

Epic Games says – this is because Google is warning users about third-party software security issues that do not happen. Software outside of the Play Store is considered malware.

According to a statement issued by the company, After operating Fortnite for Android sets outside the Google Play Store for a year and a half, we have come to realize that Google does not treat software outside of Google Play fairly.

It takes technical and business measures such as alerting users through frequent security pop-ups and comparing third-party software sources to malware.

For these reasons, Epic has now released the game on the Google Play Store and will now pay to Google 30% on in-app purchases.

According to Google, Epic will request a special exemption with a request to make the game part of the Play Store to bypass the 30% payment principle.

Fortnight is a free game whose developers earn all the money by purchasing tools to play it.

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