Actress Aiza Khan’s important statement about leaving showbiz

Actress Aiza Khan's important statement about leaving showbiz

Actress Aiza Khan attended Reema Khan’s Ramadan transmission Baran-e-Rahmat in which she was asked about leaving showbiz.

Actress Aiza Khan replied that whether or not to leave the showbiz is a matter between me and Allah

She said: I and danish went to Hajj last year and everyone we met there gave a lot of love. There were some people around us who looked at me in such a questionable way that after performing Hajj, will you leave the field of showbiz now?

The actress further said that Allah Almighty has to bring something in my heart, then it will not come at your request, it will come.

Aiza Khan also narrated an incident that took place during Hajj. “When we were in the field of Arafat, it rained so hard that our tents were torn down and our belongings were scattered.” A woman there was handling our luggage.

So no matter what field you are in, people love you.

She said that I never considered myself successful, I always consider myself as a normal person.

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