Mahira Khan tells a fan how to deal with bullies

Mahira Khan tells a fan how to deal with bullies

Mahira Khan – a Pakistani actor just gave a fan good advice on social media. A fan, Faria, asked Mahira why people were mean and how to deal with them?

In a replying to the tweet, the Humsafar star said: Sometimes they might not get you, sometimes they are unhappy themselves, other times its ego. You deal with them with a big heart, let go, forgive.

She also said – You know better. If it’s someone who loved you, they will come around.

Since the lockdown, the actor has been interacting with her fans on social media. She recently had a Question & answer session on Twitter where the actor opened up about her life.

Mahira Khan said that once her latest projects wrap up, she wants to work on a drama serial.

She’s also mentioned that she misses going over to her grandmother’s. Like the rest of us, Mahira Khan and other actors have also been homebound because of coronavirus lockdown.

On Monday, she did tweet something about her Nani (grandmother). My Nani (grandmother) is very happy because Shehr-e- Zaat (Drama serial) is coming on tv! She said – ab mein theek hoon.